A Brief History of Our Company

Alumaline was founded in 1953 by Ralph Tate. Alumaline began as a Home Improvement company, selling and installing windows, patio covers, siding and other home improvement items. As the company grew it incorporated in 1958. In 1971 Ralph Tate sold the company to his son Monty Tate. At that time Monty began to gradually change the company from a retail home improvement company to a wholesale distribution company.

A significant change in the company took place in 1975 when Alumaline became a distribution warehouse for Phifer Wire Products, Inc. The addition of the Phifer product line was an important part of Alumaline’s growth over the next 20 years and remains one of the key sales products today.

In 1990 Alumaline opened it’s second location in Las Vegas, NV. This location gave Alumaline an expanded presence in this market area. In 1999 Alumaline opened it’s third location in Tempe, AZ. again expanding the company’s presence.

In 1999 Alumaline sold off the retail operation to Alumaline Home Improvement Co. (Alumaline Home Improvement is separately owned and operated.) This has allowed Alumaline Corporation to focus completely on the wholesale distribution market. In 2005 Alumaline expanded again into the Denver market with it’s fourth distribution warehouse. The Denver market is seen as Alumaline’s greatest potential growth area.

In 2013 the Tempe location was sold to John Ostaff, who now operates it under the name of Alumaline of Arizona. In 2014 the Las Vegas location was sold to Alumaline of Nevada Corporation. In 2015 they purchased the Salt Lake and Denver Distribution centers. All three of these locations now go under the name of Alumaline Nevada with the corporate offices in Las Vegas.

Alumaline continues to sell mainly to the intermountain states of Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Nevada, Wyoming, Montana and New Mexico. However, with the advent of technology we are quickly gaining customers across the North American continent with customers in Canada, the West Coast and other states.

In 2016 Alumalines profile consists of distributing Patio Covers, Awnings, Sunrooms, Screen Enclosures, Windows, Doors and Screening/Glass Frame and Component supplies to approximately 1500 dealers.

As we grow we will continue to provide products in the Awning, Window, and Door markets with careful attention to our dealer needs. It is our goal to help our customers be successful.