Sun Rooms

Custom designed to your lifestyle and needs, Alumaline is committed to innovation and unrivaled quality ensuring that when you choose Superior Mason Products you enhance your living space with a lifetime of beauty and value. Let the sun shine in. Superior sunrooms offer a perfect blend of functional design and affordability helping homeowners live more comfortably while saving energy and money.

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Product Description

3″ Components LinealĀ  Length
Cabana Base 24
Receiving Channel 24
H-channel 25
Top Cap 24
Top Cap 3″ 3/12 24
DRC Channel 25
Corner Post 8
Corner Post 25
Thermal Corner Post 22.5 Degrees 20
Thermal Corner Post 45 Degrees 24
Top Cap Electrical Raceway 24
Double H Channel w/ Electrical Raceway 24
DRC w/ Glazing Lip 24
Receiving Channel w/ Glazing Lip 24
Touch up Paint N/A
Super Seal Seam Tape 4″ x 100′ Roll 100
3″ standard room to 8′ high walls w/ Low E glass and Durashield
3″ standard room to 8′ w/o windows & door / with Durashield
3″ standard room solid panel to 8′ high
8′ to 10′ high walls
Vinyl Patio Sliding Door 6-0 / 6-8 Alum. White/Almond
Insulate Prime Entry 3′ door Prehung specify Left or Right Hing Wht/ Almd